Don’t be a douche, take home your trash…

A likeminded runner! #runclean

Diary of an Unfit 'Runner'

… or at the very least chuck it in a bin!

This is something that has bothered me since I first started running. Litter. What’s up with grown adults not being able to get to the end of a race without doing their best to obliterate the environment?

We all carry GU or similar on races, most of us have some form of pocket hidden in our hi-tech running gear, surely we can suck down that little plastic sachet of water, fold up the empty and stash it till we get home?

I’ve confronted runners who chuck and run, and like the mature adults they clearly aren’t, they respond with abuse. Such delightful, shining examples they must be for their offspring.


This rant was inspired by a friend, who’s a far better writer (and runner) than me. You can read his passionate article here and support his and Modern Athlete…

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