NYE Runners’ Memorial 8 km

31 December: NYE Runners’ Memorial 8 km


The finish line of the NYE Runners’ Memorial 8 km

Last run of the year, and my first time running this. It’s a hot-hot run, starting at 6 pm in the middle of summer, and the start is, as is usual for the short distance races, congested with nattering walkers. Honestly, man! If you want to chat, go for coffee, go for a walk along the beach; don’t sign up for a race! And I’m not bitching about overweight, slow people trying to race – I’m bitching about people who sign up for a race so that they can catch up on some gossip. Ngaaah!

I know it’s supposed to be a fun run but there’s not much fun in twisting an ankle trying to skirt a wall people on a social outing – which is what happened to some fellow running next to me.

Anyway. Enough of that. Firstborn Daughter joined us, which was great, and, being tiny, she just skillfully slipped through the throng and was gone. I was still boxed in by a huggroup of orange-clad Ommiedraai Friends, all laughing and hurling good-natured abuse at each other, with no way of getting out but by slowing right down, taking a few steps back and going around them, when, with a broad smile and a smug, victorious final look at me over her shoulder, she toook off. I didn’t see her again until the turn-around, when we waved to each other – with her looking much happier than I was feeling.

And so she beat me. It’s been a long while since I last saw her tail disappear into the distance and saw her smiley face waiting for me at the finish line. I’ll have to get myself whipped into much better shape in 2016!

I struggled. Every run is a struggle at the moment. From the first step. Everything aches – my thighs, especially. And I have a tweak in my hamstring where I pulled something trying to make my way to the start line of the Sundowner the other evening. I had to talk myself for most of the way. And I even walked a few steps at the turnaround – in a little 8 km run! I’m becoming quite bored with myself!

But we all three got our glasses – there’s no finisher’s medal in this race – and I ran the 8 km in a few seconds over 50 minutes. So I must have run a little faster than I had realised.


Our smiley, New Year’s Eve running faces

And then it was officially New Year’s Eve. The year’s running had been done. Firstborn Daughter and I walked through the Green Point Park, heading towards home. She had a party to go to. I wanted a quiet evening with the Significant Other this year. The last few months had been tough. I didn’t want to be with people. I just wanted to sit next to a fire, sip some wine and a glass of champagne (not at the same time), have some supper, and listen to whatever old people’s music the Significant Other decided to serenade me with.

It didn’t quite work out that way. But that’s bygones too. We walked the dogs at two o’clock in the morning, which is kind of romantic, I suppose. It’s definitely a bit eccentric, and that’s fine too.


A two a.m. dog walk. Somehow that’s an appropriate way to usher in the New Year.

So we ended 2015 with a run at sunset and started 2016 with a dog walk before the sun came up.


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