Getting back into it …

‘Getting back into it.’ Dreaded four words. Starting over seems to get harder and harder each time. But I’ve come to realise that this won’t be the last time I start over. Life gets in the way of goals, especially if your life is full of people and animals and things to do.

So I’ve been getting out there and every run has been tough. But the only cure for this malady is to keep getting out there.

I’m keeping it fun – or as much fun as it can be. I’m stopping to take pics, taking short walk breaks, picking up my three things as part of my responsible runner quest and trying to increase the distance a little bit with each run.

How I’m going to run a 30 km race in a few days’ time I don’t know. Will I line up anyway? Probably. I’ll see how the next few runs go. But if a 12 km run has me begging for mercy, a 30 km run is going to have me screaming ‘I’ll talk! I’ll talk!’

1 December: A lousy 13 km run, in a bit of rain and with an amazing sunset

A sucky run.  Struggled. Didn’t love it. But I decided to keep running because the heavy rainclouds held the promise of a great sunset. By 13 km the expected spectacular sunset hadn’t happened. So I sat on a rock in the rain, ate a winegum and watchet the sunset – which was as spectacular as it had promised to be.


Some much needed rain approaching from across the horizon.


Sotrom clouds and sunset creating glorious light over the early evening putt-putt players.


The coastline glinting golden in the sunset


And there it is – worth the wait!

14 December: Hill repeats

I make a surprise visit to the Embark group and tackle the hills. I expect to die or, at the very least, to look ridiculously silly. But I manage. I keep up. I don’t cry and I don;t vomit. Jaqui, as always, was there, bringing up the rear, doing it on her own, being left for dead. But she does it. She’s there. Every session, she’s just there. Up and down Clifford, whatever the next one is called, Dover, Firmount, Rhine, which is a killer of note, and Glengariff from High Level to Springbok.And after that, I did my own run along the Promenade to clock 10 km.


Top of the hill, looking down – always a great reward.


Coach, showing some good form


After every up there’s a down. But there’s no stopping now – the next hill is around the corner

15 December: ATC Pub Run

The end-of-year pub run. I didn’t run with them last year because I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up. It was a wise decision. They set off at a cracking pace. It slows down a bit after the first pub and a lot after the second pub. But their drinking speed increases as much as their running speed decreases, I think!

ATC Pub run_IMG_1669_LOW

Running through the Waterfront to the last pub stop of the evening

17 December: Growthpoint Properties Sundowner 10 km run.

Grumpy at the start. Hundreds of people and we started right at the back. Took a few minutes to cross the start line and then got stuck behind clumps for big-bottommed, nattering walkers. Had a sense of humour failure and even contemplated just doing a left turn and going home. But stuck it out. Struggled. Even walked at around 8 km, which left me even grumpier at the end than I was at the start. The official clock said 1:04-something when I came running in. But I was noticed by the announcer who said that ATC Triathlon Club was coming in.

Letting the side down coming in at that kind of time, but never mind. Actual time was about 1:02, which isn’t too terrible, considering there was walking. And I made it onto the board – which is kind of something.


Looking down on the crowd while we try to make our way to the start – always late!


Starting at the back again


Fed up with my time and my level of ‘getting back into it’ – but they gave me a medal anyway

27 and 28 December: Getting back into it (again!)

It feels as if I’m always starting over. Ten days after the Growthpoint Sundowner 10 km I finally get back out on the road and struggle my way through 10 km. But if I go out again and again and again … day after day … I’ll get stronger, right? So on Monday morning I pulled the shoes on again and went out again and did 11 km this time. This time it was even tougher than yesterday. Much walking happened. And there were photo stops. The water wheel was turning, which was a perfect opportunity for stopping. And people were playing golf, which, since they think it’s a sport, I thought I should take a smug snappie. People were out on the water, kayaking, and so I stopped for an envious snappie.

Some colourful events on the Promenade inspired another photo break and then, after that, it was just one foot in front of the other, telling myself that today will be 11 km, even if I have to walk all the way.  I made it, though. I walked some but I didn’t walk all the way. On the way back I picked up my three things, making sure I keep up the responsible runner part of the day.

And tomorrow will be 12 km. And there will be hills. I have ten days of training to get myself through 30 km of Bay2Bay. There will be pain. There will be grimacing. There will be no stopping. There will be no giving up.


‘Just do it’ say my running tights. So I had better get out there and just do it. Nothing else to be done.


Some colourful activity on the Promenade provides a good excuse for a photo break


Pick up three things … or a little more, if you feel so inclined


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