Courage at the back – Nike commercial

I do so hate it when commercials make me cry. It’s as if those ad agency mindbenders sitting around the boardroom table, drinking coffee and talking really fast, had my profile on a clipboard in front of them. And then, when they wrapped it up, they said ‘We’ve got her with this one!’

And Nike got me with this one.

As much as I would love to know what it feels like to grow wings on my feet, Hermes-style, and fly across the finish line along with all those other super humans, I would love it even more if those super humans could experience the race from behind the mid-packers. I think maybe one of the Nike mindbenders working on this commercial is from behind the mid-packers.

hermes 2_007B

(Pic from

And, just for good measure, what I wish I looked like in my Nike FlyKnits!


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