Racing in my sleep

Thursday – a grey, muggy day. And grey, muggy days have the knack of making me feel grey and muggy. The afternoon slump is creeping in on me, and I know I need to do something to stop its regular visits to my eyelids.

A logical step would be to make sure I get some decent sleep at night. And today’s creeping slump is directly related to last night’s less-than-decent-quality sleep. And it wasn’t even the Significant Other’s fault this time. It’s all my own doing.

I headed out for my Hal Higdon-scheduled 10 km run and, instead of keeping the pace slow, slow, slow, I started picking up speed. Just a little, of course, because I am back on the marathon training programme, after all. But I was feeling so good I wanted to run a little bit faster. And so I finished the 10 km in just over an hour – 1:59, to be precise. My second fastest 10 km, according to Strava.

At this point I would like to make a Note to Self: Do not eat cream-filled chocolate éclairs before setting off on a 10 km run. Not unless you want to test your lactose (in)tolerance, that is. Wow … such stomach cramps near the end. Hnnngh!

Note to self low res

But the cramps didn’t manage to dim my mood.

I’m still on this zealous runner’s high. Still raring to get out there and conquer – even while dragging the weight of the afternoon slump (and the even heavier weight of unmet deadlines caused by the afternoon slump) like an anvil tied to my ankle.

So there I was last night, in bed and restless. So restless! Oh my word! You know those nights … you just roll over from your side to your stomach, onto your other side and onto your back. You try stretched out and curled up. You try foetal position, you try one leg on top of the duvet, both legs on top of the duvet, both legs back under the duvet, back to foetal position … until you spin yourself dizzy and get the bedding tied into knots.

And what was keeping me awake? The Significant Other’s snoring, you say? Nope. The dogs taking up most of the bed and the duvet and farting toxic clouds? Nope. The purring, kneading cat digging its claws into my chest? Nope. None of those.

No, instead, I was running the Gun Run. In Technicolor and over and over and over … I ran that race so many times I woke up exhausted! I did an ultra in my bed last night and I’m feeling the post-race effects today! Did I win? Well, no, that would just be silly. But I certainly was flying. I raced it and everyone was cheering for me. I saw their arms waving at me over the barriers and their smiling faces in a blur as I whizzed by them. I flew across the finish line. It was so awesome I had to do it again … and again … and again …


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