It’s ok, I ran today


Unsporty Women Can Run

Racing, busy, drive here, drive there, pick up the phone, sort out issues, write emails, text messages, smile, be interested, throw down lunch as fast as possible, no time for coffee, introduce people, write assessments, plan, race home, get the washing in, that was a waste of time, put washing in dryer, oh no it’s raining still, the wind is wild, fold the washing, get the wood in, feed the cats, what’s for dinner?


I need to run.

But it’s raining, wild, windy, rough.

Put on running clothes. I’m going anyway.

But Sweetheart it’s way too rough, Pauly says. But I NEED to run, I really do, I need to run, I reply.

It’s way too wet and muddy to run on the farm so Pauly and I head to Deloraine. Pauly isn’t running tonight. He drops me off and I run for a km to the base…

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