Rome Marathon: 40 days to go!

Monday 9 February 2015

Training for Rome Marathon (for real this time)

Week 5 of 10: Day 26

40 days to go

Forty days before we line up with thousands of others on Via Dei Fori Imperiali and set off to run 42.2 km through the streets of Rome.

Forty days … and I’m sick!

I have caught The Kid’s bug, despite trying my best to be a gentle, caring, nurturing, loving, patient and kind mom without actually touching her or going anywhere near her. That’s exactly what I need, being months behind on my training schedule: a few days’ sick leave.

Damn, damn, damn!

Just when I was starting to clock up a bit of distance and get my mind to shut up! I’m hoping, though, that being a relatively fit and healthy individual who eats her greens will mean that I’m laid low for only a day or two, and that I will be back where I left off before the week is over.

Mind over matter, right?

2015-02-09 Forty Days to Go low res


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