Rest day

Monday, 26 January 2015

Training for Rome Marathon (for real this time)

Week 3 of 10: Day 13

55 days to go


Fifty five days to go. Day one of week three of training. So little time!

The ol’ body is bearing up well after the weekend’s running. My ankles are feeling a little bit stiff but otherwise I think I’m fine.

The Embark schedule says 30 minutes easy run, and my 12-week marathon programme says rest. Which to do? I want to try out my Saucony Kavanahs, and a gentle 30-minute run might be a good time to do that.

So I ran a half marathon yesterday, and today I’m nervous about getting out there on a 5 km run. I still can’t shake that feeling of a run being beyond my abilities.

Rest it is. Nothing wrong with a little rest on a Monday. Just a one-hour, 3,5 km dog-walk up a hill or two. That’s all. That’s enough.


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