Morning, cyclists


This is not a rant, promise. However, I live in Hout Bay and drive to work along the Coast Road, and one can’t help noticing that the cycling season has begun. So, in the run-up to the Argus, and other big cycling events, and since we’re going to be sharing the road for the next few months, here are some helpful tips for good cyclist-motorist relationships.

1. Don’t wear white shorts. Ever. This is not a fashion request. You can’t see your butt from behind, but when you sweat, sweetie, the white shorts are see-through. And we can see every curly black hair imprinted on your butt. Plus the crack itself, for good measure. This is guaranteed to make one’s breakfast yoyo. Especially at seven in the morning.
2. Please don’t blow your nose using one finger. Passers-by may be psychologically damaged by being hit with flying snot.
3. Ditto…

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